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               Posted 12/6/2022
               December 2022,  Vol. 33,  No.12             PDF version

                        Why Didn’t He Stop the Storm? — Johnny O. Trail
                        he Church of Christ IS NOT... #4 — Garland Robinson
                        The Assembly & Acts of Worship — Alan Adams
                        Concerning Assembling — Fred Dillon (deceased)
                        Jesus’ Burdens During the Crufixion — Victor M. Eskew
                        Worship Pleasing to God — Denver Thomas
               Posted 11/1/2022
               November 2022,  Vol. 33,  No.11             PDF version

                        Restoration Preaching — James Boyd
                        The Church of Christ IS NOT... #3 — Garland Robinson
                        Why Do We Not Have Genuine Miracles Today? — Roger Campbell
                        Is It Always Wrong to Judge? — Jason Patrick Hilburn
                        Questions to Ask Ourselves — Jerry Joseph
               Posted 10/4/2022
               October 2022,  Vol. 33,  No.10             PDF version

                        What Can We Learn from Deborah? — Bill Boyd
                        The Church of Christ IS NOT... #2 — Garland Robinson
                        You and I are Not the Standard of Judgment — Jason Patrick Hilburn
                        The Struggle to Keep Ourselves Separate from the World — Roger Campbell
                        The Truth about God’s Elect — Marvin Weir
                        Let Us Stand Together — Mike Tincher
               Posted 8/26/2022
               September 2022,  Vol. 33,  No.9             PDF version

                        Worshiping “In Spirit and In Truth” — Gary Summers
                        The church of Christ IS NOT... #1 — Garland Robinson
                        What If the church of Christ did not Exist? — Richard Latham
                        The Lord’s Choice in a church — Marvin Weir
                        Lessons from the church in Rome — Roger Campbell
               Posted 8/4/2022
               August 2022,  Vol. 33,  No.8             PDF version

                        Beware, Beware, Beware — John Chowning
                        The Church of Christ IS... #2 — Garland Robinson
                        The Eldership — Jon Gary Williams
                        Worship Expresses Obedience or Disobedience — Gary Colley
                        The Results of Gospel Preaching — Marvin Weir
                        Hating Evil Without Being Hateful — Roger Campbell
                        Red Flags — Tony Ward
               Posted 7/6/2022
               July 2022,  Vol. 33,  No.7             PDF version

                        Criticisms of the Church — Rusty Stark
                        The Church of Christ IS... #1 — Garland Robinson
                        God is Jealous — Denver Thomas
                        Why There are No Genuine Miracles Today — Roger Campbell
                        Witnessing — James Boyd
                        The Most Important Part of Worship — Gary Colley
                        Accountability — Anthony Crowell
                        Precious Truth: God’s Word — Gus Munden
               Posted 6/1/2022
               June 2022,  Vol. 33,  No.6             PDF version
             Woman’s Work In The Church — James Boyd
             To Change or Not the Change — Randy Kea
             May God Grant us Great Boldness! — Ivie Powell
            God’s Blessings and How to Keep Them — Marvin Weir
            Male and Female — Albert Farley
       Posted 5/4/2022
       May 2022,  Vol. 33,  No.5             PDF version
       Lest We Drift — Albert Farley
       It Makes A Difference — Garland Robinson
       A Life-Changing Experience: Saul of Tarsus — Victor Eskew
       Josephus’ Testimony to Jesus — Jon Gary Williams
       Ecumenical — Marvin Weir
       Broken-Hearted Because of Lost Souls — Roger Campbell
       Posted 4/7/2022
       April 2022,  Vol. 33,  No.4             PDF version
       Purposes for the Existence of the Church — James Boyd
       Woke to Evil #2 — Garland Robinson
       It is What it Is — Denver Thomas
       Are You In the One True Church? — Jason Hilburn
       My Sacrifice — James Rogers
       Does the Name Matter? — Ben Bailey
       Posted 3/6/2022
       March 2022,  Vol. 33,  No.3             PDF version
       Must a Christian be Woke? — Randy Kea
       Woke to Evil — Garland Robinson
       Questions about the Genesis Flood? #2 — Jon Gary Williams
       The Bible is an Indestructible Book — Bob Winton
       They have Moses and the Prophets — Marvin Weir
       Posted 2/4/2022
       February 2022,  Vol. 33,  No.2             PDF version
       Questions about the Genesis Flood #1 — Jon Gary Williams
       The Grace of God — Garland Robinson
       Total Hereditary Depravity — Carl Cooper
       The Immortality of the Soul — James Boyd
       A Watchman who will not Hear, Will not Warn! — Marvin Weir
       There’s Power in the Word — Steve Miller
       Blessed are they that Hear the Word of God and Keep It — Roger Campbell
       Posted 1/1/2022
       January 2022,  Vol. 33,  No.1             PDF version
       Lord, That Our Eyes May be Opened — James Boyd
       The Grace of God — Garland Robinson
       WATER: Of All the Things to Stumble Over — Alan Adams
       The Power of Choice — Marvin Weir
       A Crown Laid Up for Me — Gary Colley
       Don’t Be Left Out — Andy Gates