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       Posted 12/18/15
       December 2015,    Vol. 26,  No.12             PDF version
       Political Decisions can be Spiritual Decisions — Victor Eskew
       Forgiveness #2 — Garland Robinson
       The Eyes of the Lord — Tom Wacaster
       Inherited Sin — Marvin Weir
       The Most Important Religious Holidays in the New Testament — Roger Campbell
       There is NO Darkness in God — Charles Box

       Posted 11/21/15
       November 2015,    Vol. 26,  No.11             PDF version
       TRUTH, Does it Matter? — Lloyd Gale
       Forgiveness — Garland Robinson
       Does Drama Constitute Worship? — Joel Wheeler
       Less Than 0.04% Will Kill You — Douglas Hoff
       Being Fruitful in the Lord’s Service — Roger Campbell
       Dust in the Wind — Bill Boyd

       Posted 10/15/15
       October 2015,    Vol. 26,  No.10             PDF version
       Planned Parenthood Sells Dead Baby Body Parts — Victor Eskew
       Extending the Gospel Invitation — Garland Robinson
       A Little Humility Please: A Call to Prayer — Rusty Stark
       God’s Word in our Heart — Jerry Joseph
       Be Postive Preacher — Tom Wacaster
       Cain and Abel — Earl Claud
       What Would Life be Like without the Lord? — Roger Campbell

       Posted 9/5/15
       September 2015,    Vol. 26,  No.9             PDF version
       The Beginning of a New School Year — Roger Campbell
       Marriage or Heaven? You Can’t Have Both — Garland Robinson
       The Lord’s Supper as an Act of Worship— Rusty Stark
       Jesus is The Christ — Bill Boyd
       The Truth about Worship — Marvin Weir

       Posted 8/7/15
       August 2015,    Vol. 26,  No.8             PDF version
       Formal Worship, Powerless Prayers, Pitiful Lives — Marvin Weir
       Matthew, Mark, Luke, John: Old Testament or New Testament? — Garland Robinson
       God's Basic Math — Douglas Hoff
       Herod the King — Victor Eskew
       But Think of all the Good it Could Do? — Bill Boyd

       Posted 7/21/15
       July, 2015,    Vol. 26,  No.7             PDF version
       What is Worship? — James Rogers
       Where is God in our Troubles? — Garland Robinson
       The Pivotal Person of History — Roderick Ross
       Just Preach about Love — Jerry Joseph

       Posted 6/26/15
       June 2015,    Vol. 26,  No.6             PDF version
       What is the Difference between a Man and an Animal? — Roderick Ross
       More about Death — Garland Robinson
       Comparisons made by God — Charles Box
       Giving is an Act of Worship — Rusty Stark
       Who is Teaching Bible Class? The Wolves are Coming! — R. L. Burgess
       You Believe you are the only Ones Going to Heaven? — Marvin Weir

       Posted 5/13/15
       May, 2015,    Vol. 26,  No.5             PDF version
       Affections — James Rogers
       What we Know about Death — Garland Robinson
       When my Bible Stays Home — Roger Campbell
       We All Have a Part in PRAYER — Garland Robinson
       Liturgy in Worship — Rusty Start
       What can Happen Because of YOU? — Charles Box
       The Amaranth — Bill Boyd

       Posted 4/7/15
       April, 2015,    Vol. 26,  No.4             PDF version
       Mahershalalhashbaz: God’s Sign to a Sinful Nation — Tom Wacaster
       Divorce, Baptism, Eunuch — Garland Robinson
       They let the Preacher Go — Victor Eskew
       We All have a Part... — Garland Robinson
       Salvation by Grace — Jerry Joseph
       Friendships — Ronnie Whittemore
       How Shall the Young Secure their Hearts? — Bill Boyd

       Posted 3/18/15
       March, 2015,    Vol. 26,  No.3             PDF version
       The Bible Teaches About Racial Prejudice — Joe Gilmore
       Are You a Racist? — Garland Robinson
       Bible Crowns — Bill Boyd
       Overcoming Racial Prejudice — James Boyd

       Posted 2/26/15
       February, 2015,    Vol. 26,  No.2             PDF version
       When God Rejects our Worship — Matthew Carver
       Christians Can Fall and Be Lost — Garland Robinson
       Why I Left the Mormon Church #14 — Nathan Franson
       Glorifying God — Jerry Joseph
       A Little Order in Worship, Please — Rusty Stark

       Posted 1/5/15
       January, 2015,    Vol. 26,  No.1             PDF version
       Lauren King & Women Preachers— Victor Eskew
       Women Preachers? — Garland Robinson
       God's Place for Women in His Church — ibtministries.org
       Does God Hear All Prayers? — Roger Campbell
       Why I Left the Mormon Church #13 — Nathan Franson

       Posted 12/10/14
       December, 2014,    Vol. 25,  No.12             PDF version
       Reverence Please — Rusty Stark
       What Christians Do on Christmas Day — Garland Robinson
       Why I Left the Mormon Church #12 — Nathan Franson
       What About Bible Truth? — Jerry Joseph
       What Do 21st-Century Christian Youth Need? — Roger Campbell
       Wherefore Didst Thou Doubt? — Marvin Weir