December 1999, Vol. 10, No. 12         PDF version
       Does The Church of Christ Need to be Restored? -- Ron Cosby
       Woodmount Hills, Rubel Shelly and Billy Graham -- Rusty Stark
       DLU Policy or Biblical Truth? -- Jerry Brewer  
       How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions? -- Bob Spurlin  
       Walk to Emmaus, Tuesday Night Communion -- Addendum -- Royce Williamson

          November 1999, Vol. 10, No. 11         PDF version
       Can A Person Be Saved In A Denomination? -- Roger Campbell
       The Gospel, The Free Market, And The Performing Arts -- Alan Adams
       Is One Church As Good As Another? --Marvin Weir  
       Hermeneutics Applied To A Stop Sign -- unknown  
       Oak Hills Church of Christ and Max Lucado --

        October 1999, Vol. 10, No. 10         PDF version
       The Innuendo of Apostasy -- Tod Clippard
       Rubel Shelly Says, Steve Flatt Repeats -- Garland Robinson / Wayne Coats
       Attitude is not Overlooked by the Lord --Marvin Weir  
       Doing Things Decently and in Order -- Guy Hester  
       Do We Know what a Good Preacher Is? -- Charles Pugh
       Are There Any Inspired Preahcers Today? -- Paul Powers
September 1999, Vol. 10, No. 9     PDF version
Duties of Gospel Preachers -- Roy J. Hearn
Preachers are to be Supported in their Work -- Garland M. Robinson
Holding up the Preacher's Hands --Walter Pigg, Jr.
The Minister's Wife -- unknown
Divinity Degrees and Professional Preachers -- G. C. Brewer

August 1999, Vol. 10, No. 8     PDF version
Jeff Walling and the 1995 Campus Minister's Conference -- Don Blackwell
A Review of Rochester College, Churches of Christ, and
       Non-Denominational Christianity #2 -- Rusty Stark
The Voice of Strangers --Victor Eskew
Faithfullness vs. Foolishness -- Marvin Weir
Who Will Stand in the Gap? -- Joe Morrison

July 1999, Vol. 10, No. 7     PDF version
An Exemplary Product of a Christian College? -- Ben F. Vick, Jr.
A Review of Rochester College, Churches of Christ, and
       Non-Denominational Christianity -- Rusty Stark
Muzzling the Wolves -- Todd Clippard
Why Men Hate a Loving God -- Mark K. Lewis
1999 Lectureship Schedule

June 1999, Vol. 10, No. 6     PDF version
F. LaGard Smith to DLU -- James W. Boyd
Instruments of Music -- Garland M. Robinson
Observations -- S. C. Kinningham
The Dilemma of the Denominational World -- Rusty Stark
The Apostle Paul and Rubel Shelly -- Joe W. Nichols
1999 Lectureship Schedule

May 1999, Vol. 10, No. 5     PDF version
Summer Is Here! -- Roger D. Campbell
Rather Critical -- Garland M. Robinson
Birds of a Feather -- Freddie Clayton
How To Dodge Questions about Apostate Brethren in Nashville -- Kerry Duke
Be Not Deceived -- Terry L. Mabery
Who Are the "Unchurched?" -- Chuck Pearson
1999 Lectureship Schedule

April 1999, Vol. 10, No. 4     PDF version
Gospel Preaching -- Paul M. Wilmoth
Harsh Words -- Garland M. Robinson
Not Surprised, Just Saddened -- Rusty Stark
Trusting In Uncertain Education -- Chuck Northrop
Error All Around Us -- James Sisemore
False Teacher "Max Lucado" to Speak at Temple Baptist Church -- Dan Goddard
"Re-Baptism?" A Book Review and Response -- Kent Bailey
News Brief... Does This Unity Meet God's Approval? -- Freddie Clayton

March 1999, Vol. 10, No. 3     PDF version
What Liberalism Does To The Church -- Virgil L. Hale
Questions Answered #2 -- Garland M. Robinson
Unity In Nashville, A News Brief Freddie Clayton
What Is Man? -- Glenn B. Ramsey
What Is "Crossview" - Really? -- Skip Andrews
How Does The Bible Describe The Church Of Our Lord? --
     Roger D. Campbell
A Partial Repentance Is No Repentance At All -- Rocky Craig

February 1999, Vol. 10, No. 2     PDF version
Should Youth Go To Winterfest? -- Paul Sain
Questions Answered -- Garland M. Robinson
Hardeman Library
Go Ye And Learn What That Meaneth -- Wade Lee Webster
Entertainment or Worship? -- Carroll Sites
How To Recognize A False Teacher -- Paul Wilmoth

January 1999, Vol. 10, No. 1     PDF Version
Arguments That Were Used For The Use Of Instrumental Music
     When I Preached For The Christian Church -- Dan Goddard
I Don't Know How To Get Around The Word Of God -- Garland M. Robinson
Be Not Deceived -- Roger D. Campbell
Where The Bible Is Silent, Are We Free To Act? -- James Fisher
Where Is The Consistency? -- Jimmie B. Hill
Lipscomb University '98 Summer Series Features False Teacher -- Toney L. Smith