December 1998, Vol. 8, No. 12    PDF version*
Why Does it Make so Much Difference about Sound Doctrine? — David Jones
        The Bible Versus "Change Agents" #4 — Garland Robinson
Shall we Change the Time of our Worship for Christmas? — Doug Smith
        Observations from an Alumnus of Sunset School of Preaching — Tommy Hicks
The Fruits of Sin — Roelf Ruffner
November 1997, Vol. 8, No. 11   PDF version*
Things the Church is Not to Do — James Boyd
        The Bible Versus "Change Agents" #3 — Garland Robinson
What is our Great Objective? — James Farley
        "Be Ye Followers of Me, Even as I Am of Christ" — James Fisher
Tennessee, Digression and Foreign Missions — Jim Waldron
        Max Lucado's Sectarian Connection — Steve Miller
October 1997, Vol. 8, No. 10   PDF version*
Are You Ready for "The Next Church?" — Lynn Parker
        The Bible Versus "Change Agents" #2 — Garland Robinson
2 John 9, What is the Meaning? — Robert Taylor
September 1997, Vol. 8, No. 9   PDF version*
People Change, Times Change, but the Lord's Church will Never Change — Jerry Pence
        The Bible Versus "Change Agents" #1 — Garland Robinson
The Kingdom of God and the Church — Chuck Northrop
        Do Members of the Churches of Christ Need to have "Unity Meetings" among Themselves?— Dan Goddard
August 1997, Vol. 8, No. 8    PDF version*
The Refutation of the Irrefutable Constituent Element Argument — Tom Bright
        Women Interpreters Continued... — Garland Robinson
We Applaud Ronnie Crocker at Donelson — Ronnie Crocker
                (Jubilee Comments Erased from Tape)
July 1997, Vol. 8, No. 7    PDF version  (PDF not yet available)
Are Christians Under Grace or Law? — Roger Campbell
        Make up Your Mind — Charles Blair
There Will be No Compromises — Al Macias
        The Kingdom and the Church — Earl Case
The New World Translation and 2 Peter 3:10 — Jesse Whitlock
        The Biblical Doctrine of Predestination — Dennis Gulledge
June 1997, Vol. 8, No. 6    PDF version*
I Take It Personally — John Brown
        The Liberals Will Never Win — Charles Blair
Joe Beam, Ben Bogard and the Comforter — Jerry Brewer
        Rabbi? Reverend? Doctor? Father? or Pastor? — Rod Rutherford
Jesus Christ: The Head of the Body — Victor Eskew
        By What Authority? — Richard Guill
May 1997, Vol. 8, No. 5    PDF version*
A Man that is an Heretic — Charles Pledge
        Heartland '97 — Ben Vick
A Brotherhood Alert for those Supporting Mission Work in Pakistan — Jim Waldron
        Singing, Humming and Unscriptural Songs — Ronald Gilbert
Mark & Avoid — Jimmie Hill
April 1997, Vol. 8, No. 4    PDF version*
The Narrow-Mindedness of Liberalism — Ronnie Whittemore
        Church Attendance Strengthens the Home — Garland Robinson
The Purpose of Preaching — Unknown
        What Denomination are you a Member of? — Dan Goddard
They Printed the Truth, but it was a Mistake! — Jesse Whitlock
        How Long Halt ye Between Two Opinion? — Kent Bailey
What is Legalism? — Paul Wilmouth
March 1997, Vol. 8,  No. 3    PDF version*
What Youth Program do you Offer to Your Young People? — Ronnie Whittemore
        The A.D. 70 System of Kingism #6 (the Real Significance of A.D. 70) — Garland Robinson
Be Ye Holy for I Am Holy — H. D. Simmons
        By What Should the Community Know Us? — Richard Carlson
Dear Ann Landers — William Farley, Jr.
        Cleansing the Temple — Glenn Ramsey
February 1997, Vol. 8, No. 2    PDF version*
No Place for Spiritual Cowardice! — Robert Jackson
        The A.D. 70 System of Kingism #5 (Second Coming of Christ Occurred in 70AD) — Garland Robinson
Miracles — Charles Ivie
        Now it is Different — Steve Miller
Abortion of Truth — Bill Graddy
        Questionnaire for Preachers & Teachers
January 1997, Vol. 8, No. 1    PDF version*
What about Promise Keepers? — Jim Blankenship
        The A.D. 70 System of Kingism #4 (End of the World Occurred in 70A.D.) — Garland Robinson
Attempts to Justify Promise Keepers — Terry Joe Kee
        We Don't Care what God Won't Allow, We're Gonna Play our Organ Anyhow — Steven Cline
Administratively Speaking — Bill Graddy