December 1994,   Vol. 5,  No. 12      PDF version*
  Reviewing the New International Version, #1 — Ben Vick
  Is it Right to Show People they are Wrong? — Ron Hutchison
  Reprove Them — Paul Wilmoth
  Q&A: A Letter Answered, #2 — Garland Robinson

     November 1994,   Vol. 5,  No. 11      PDF version*
  Strange Things are Happening — Wade Webster
  Can we Learn from History? — Charles Pledge
  Man's "Think So" Does Not Equal God's "Say So" — Goebel Music
  Q&A: A Letter Answered, #1 — Garland Robinson

     October 1994,   Vol. 5,  No. 10      PDF version*
  Evangelism the Lord's Way — Jon Macon
  The Liberals Among us are Denominationalizing the Church — Roy Hearn
  Be Not Deceived with Vain Words — Charles Pledge
  The New Hermeneutic — Kerry Duke
  Lesson from the Colossian Heresy — Joe Nichols
  Leroy Brownlow on Debating — Dennis Gulledge

     September 1994,   Vol. 5,  No. 9      PDF version*
  Seek The Old Paths '94 Lectureship Review — Garland Robinson
  Seek The Old Paths '94 Lectureship in Review — Gilbert Gough
  A Review of the 9th Annual S.T.O.P. Lectureship, 1994 — Ken Burleson
  Watchman! Are you Sleeping? — Nat Evans
  Wrong is Wrong — Darrell Beard
  Instrumental Music: Is It Such a Little Thing? — Dan Goddard

     August 1994,   Vol. 5,  No. 8      PDF version*
  Woodmont Hills & Rubel Shelly Marked & Withdrawn From by 
        Trinity Lane Church of Christ in Nashville, TN — 
  Mark Them which Cause Division — Ed Casteel
  Matthew 18:15-18, Private or Public Procedure? — Holger Neubauer
  What is Wrong with the Nashville Jubilee? — Randy Kea

     July 1994,   Vol. 5,  No. 7      PDF version*
  Respect for Bible Authority — Ronnie Whittemore
  Ten Minutes Ahead of Jesus — Ben Vick
  Demands of Decency — Gil Yoder
  It's Time to Remodel the Church — Allen Webster
  Share or Preach? —  Dennis Gulledge
          Lectureship Notes...

     June 1994,   Vol. 5,  No. 6      PDF version*
  Should Women Function as Translators in the Assembly? — Wayne Jackson
  The "Silence" of 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 — Charles Pledge

     May 1994,   Vol. 5,  No. 5      PDF version*
  The Southern Illinois Christian Convention, Jeff Walling & Harding University — Ben Vick
  Things that Bother Me — John Grubb
  Acceptance through Time and Exposure — Gilbert Gough
  Ways to Prevent Division — Steve Miller
  A Significant Event & Date: Lectureship Sheridan, WY — Charles Pledge

     April 1994,   Vol. 5,  No. 4      PDF version*
  A Multitude of Questions Answered — Garland Robinson
          Lectureship Schedule, Immorality

     March 1994,   Vol. 5,  No. 3      PDF version*
   Scriptural Response to Liberalism — Walter Pigg

     February 1994,   Vol. 5,  No. 2      PDF version*
  Error from Jubilee Speakers — O. B. Porterfield
  Not all Division is Wrong — Garland Robinson
  Strategy for Defeat (Jeremiah 6) — Brian Adkins
  Special Days — Steve Miller

     January 1994,   Vol. 5,  No. 1      PDF version*
  Is All of Life Worship? — Ben Vick
  The Need for an Eldership in Every Church Garland Robinson
  A Dangerous Trend in Worship — Ken Baird
  Is Everything a Christian Does Worship? — Holger Neubauer
  For Such a Time as This — S. C. Kinningham
  Should we Offer an Invitation in our Assemblies? — Glenn Colley
  Shall we Deal with the Issues? — Paul Wilmoth
  Q&A: Does Forgiveness take away an Unscriptural Divorce...? — Garland Robinson