Nov. / Dec. 1992,   Vol. 3,  No. 11 /12      PDF version*
     Countermanding God's Orders — Charles Pledge
     Negative Preaching and Name Calling — Gil Yoder
     Perspective on Bidding God Speed — Dub McClish
     The Current Digression Among Us — Jerry Moffitt
     Twenty Reasons to be Alarmed — O. B. Porterfield

Sept. / Oct. 1992,   Vol. 3,  No. 9 / 10      PDF version*
      Abortion is Murder — Garland Robinson
      Gambling is Wrong! — Gilbert Gough
      What Does Gambling Do? — Garland Robinson
      Whatever Happened to the Class of 1991 (Abortion) — James Hutson
      The church and Politics — Garland Robinson

July / Aug. 1992,   Vol. 3,  No. 7 / 8      PDF version*
      A Review of the 1992 "Seek The Old Paths" Lectureship — Garland Robinson
      Who Speaks for God Today? — Charles Pledge
      Hand Clapping in Worship — W. Terry Varner
      Some Say, "I Like Instrumental Music" — Thomas Eaves, Sr.
      Biblical Love — Joe Nichols
      Q&A: Is there Bible Authority for Backgound Vocals when we Sing  — Garland Robinson
      Q&A: Is it Sowing Discord to Expose Error? — Garland Robinson

May / June 1992,   Vol. 3,  No. 5 / 6      PDF version*
      Lipscomb's Liberalism — Wayne Coats
      Hand Clapping in Lieu of Amens — Ben F. Vick, Jr.
      Is Everything we do Worship? — Ed Casteel
      Is Bible Doctrine Important? — Garland Robinson
April 1992,   Vol. 3,  No. 4      PDF version*
     Take Heed — Kenneth Jarrett
     Summer is Coming  — Vance Hutton
     Can One Accidentally Become a Member of the Lord's Church? — Charles Pledge
     How to Establish Bible Authority — Garland Robinson
March 1992,   Vol. 3,  No. 3      PDF version*
     Are Preachers Today Prophets? — Rod Rutherford
     Beware of Washed-Out Bridges — Garland Robinson
             Identifying Rattlesnakes  — Garland Robinson
     Consenting with Sinners  — Charles Pledge
     What Happened? — Warren Wilcox
     Behold the Pattern  — Goebel Music
     A Journey into a Far Country  — Dan Rogers, III

Jan.  / Feb. 1992,   Vol. 3,  No. 1 / 2      PDF version*
     Are There Prophets Today in the Biblical Sense? — Charles Pledge
     My Servants the Prophets — Mac Deaver
     The Prophets — Billy Bland
     Who Really Believes in Modern Prophets? — Wayne Coats
     Q&A: Sin God is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever, 
     Why Don't you Believe in Miracles and Prophecy? — Garland Robinson
             Has Prophecy Ceased?