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     December 1991,   Vol. 2,  No. 14      PDF version*
  A New Church on the Scene — James Boyd
  Nashville, Tennessee, "Another Time, Another Place, Another View" — David Brown
  Dogmatic, Narrow Minded, and Legalistic — Thomas Eaves, Sr.
  It's Not Just to be "Contrary!" — Bill Jackson
  We are Going to Have to Defend the Truth Among our Brethren — Ben F. Vick, Jr.
  Experts? — Lindell Mitchell

     Oct. / Nov. 1991,   Vol. 2,  No. 13      PDF version*
  The Church's Participation in a Christmas Parade — Ben F. Vick, Jr.
  The Work of the Church — Sidney White
  What is the Work of the Church? — Walter Pigg, Jr.
  Q&A: Didn't Men Start the Church? — Garland Robinson
  The Work of the Church: What it is Not — Wayne Cox

     Aug. / Sept. 1991,   Vol. 2,  No. 11 / 12      PDF version*
  Some Decisions of Youth — Garland Elkins
  A Word to our Young People — Gary Colley
  Why is the Church Losing her Young People? — Thomas Eaves, Sr.
  A Message from Satan — Curtis Cates
  The Third Epistle of Paul to Timothy — Steve Gibson
  What the Bible Actually Says — The Holy Scriptures
  Parents — Unknown
  Let the Wicked be Ashamed — Wade Lee Webster

     July 1991,   Vol. 2,  No. 10      PDF version*
  Sun or Son Worshipper? — David McCain
  It's that Time of Year Again! — Garland Robinson
  The Body is Not for Fornication — Charles Riley
  The Humanist Version of Heaven — Bill Brumit
  Indecent Exposure — W. R. Jones
          Worldliness — W. N. Jackson
  Repenting of Summer Sins — Gilbert Gough
     May / June 1991,   Vol. 2,  No. 8 / 9      PDF version*
   Seven Things God Hates — Sidney White
   Abominations unto God — Jim Bryant
   Tongues, Hands and Hearts — Lance Foster

     March / April 1991,   Vol. 2,  No. 6 / 7      PDF version*
  Did Christ Attend the Prom? — Garland Robinson
  Dancing and the Prom — Ed Casteel
  Is Dancing Wrong? — Unknown
  The Christian and Modesty — Dennis Gulledge
  Dancing is Sin — Garland Robinson
     Jan. / Feb. 1991,   Vol. 2,  No. 4 / 5      PDF version*
  If the Foundations be Destroyed, What can the Righteous Do? — Sidney White
  Foundations that are Being Destroyed Today — Virgil Hale
  The Solution Given by God — Ed White