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        Dec. 1990,   Vol. 2,  No. 3      PDF version*
    The Role and Work of Women in the Church — Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
    The Role of Women in the Church Today — Rod Rutherford
    May Women Lead Prayer in the Presence of Men? — J. B. Myers
Oct. / Nov. 1990,   Vol. 2,  No. 1 / 2      PDF version*
    Can a Mason go to Heaven? — David Brown
    Freemasonry and the Christian — Wally Kirby
    Seven Things Wrong with "Masonic" Doctrine — James Pilgrim
    Q&A: What Does it Mean with a Mason "Demits"? — Garland Robinson
    Christians and the Masonic Order — Dillard Thurman

Sept. 1990,   Vol. 1,  No. 12      PDF version*
    Music in the New Testament Church — Garland Robinson
    What Some Denominational People have said Regarding
          Mechanical Instruments of Music — Garland Robinson
    The Use of Mechanical Instruments of Music is Sin — Garland Robinson
    Tell me Why? — Unknown
    Burleson's to Florida — Ken Burleson
    Arguments Used to Justify the Use of Mechanical Instruments of Music — Charles Leonard

July / August 1990,   Vol. 1,  No. 10/11      PDF version*
    The Work of a Preacher — James Boyd
    Holding up the Preacher's Hands — Walter Pigg, Jr.
    The Militancy of Error and our Lethargy — Charles Pledge
    Preach the Word — Thomas Eaves, Sr.
    Don't be Negative — Unknown
    Noble Negatives: The Power of Positive Preaching — Harold Blevins
    Don't Decapitate the Preacher — Unknown
    Q&A: Should one Particular sin be Corrected before others are Condemned?
           — Garland Robinson

June 1990,   Vol. 1,  No. 9      PDF version*
    What is Undenominational Christianity? — Clifford Dixon
    Covetousness — Franklin Camp
    Q&A: Please render the true Greek Meaning of the word “forsake”
          as it is used in Hebrews 10:25? — Garland Robinson
    Is Faithful Attendance Important? — Gary Colley
    Do You Believe that only Members of the Churches of Christ will go to Heaven? — Louis Rushmore
    For What will this Congregation be Known? — Mike Vestal
    The Kingdom Church Established — (Chart)
    What is the Church of Christ? — Glenn Jobe

  May 1990,   Vol. 1,  No. 8      PDF version*
    Identifying the True Church — Rodney Rutherford
    The Church in Prophecy — R. W. Gray
    Q&A: Why Am I a Member of the Church of Christ? — Garland Robinson
    The Church of the Lord is... — (Chart)
    The Mission of the Church — B. C. Goodpasture

           April 1990,   Vol. 1,  No. 7      PDF version*
     Where are the Watchmen? Have you heard the Trumpet? — Glenn Ramsey
     Q&A: How Long were the Six Days of Genesis One? — Garland Robinson
     75 References on Drinking — 
     Examples of Conversion — (Chart)
     Questions 7th Day Adventists will not Answer — 

           March 1990,   Vol. 1,  No. 6      PDF version*
     Elders! Is God Satisfied? — Earl Case (elder)
     Elders are to Stop the Mouths of the Gainsayers — Garland Robinson
     The Authority of Elders — Robert Taylor
     Some Reflections on the Authority of Elders — Jackie Stearsman
     Elders and their Qualifications — Gary Colley
                Duties of Elders 
      The Best Elders — Jack Gray

          February 1990,   Vol. 1,  No. 5      PDF version*
    Why Some Quit the Church — James Boyd
    Pointing Preachers to Christ — Victor Eskew
    The Church of Christ and Controversy — Wayne Cox
    Q&A: What’s the Spiritual Condition of a Church that has
    Great Sums of Money in the Bank for a “Rainy Day?” — Garland Robinson
January 1990,   Vol. 1,  No. 4      PDF version*
    Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage — Garland Robinson
    Foes of the Family — Winfred Clark
    In Order to have a Happy Home, What are some Basic Needs of that Home? — Billy Bland
    Teens, Marry a Christian — Bill Keele
    Some Questions about Purity — Dwight Fuqua