December 1989,   Vol. 1,  No. 3      PDF version*
    How's Your Hearing? — Charles Pledge
   Advantages of Bible Classes — Ronnie Whittemore
   Once Saved Always Saved? — Billy Bland
   Shall We Follow the Ten Commandment? — Garland Robinson

     November 1989,   Vol. 1,  No. 2      PDF version*
   The Heathen Really are Lost — Pat McGee
   The Fields are White unto Harvest — Garland Robinson
   Seeking & Saving the Lost — Gilbert Gough
   Tact and Contact — Johnny Ramsey

     October 1989,   Vol. 1,  No. 1      PDF version*
  Seek The Old Paths — Garland Robinson
  Demands of the Old Paths — Sidney White
  Wrath of the Old Paths — Jimmy Bates
  Rewards of the Old Paths — Ken Burleson