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2000 Lectureship Series: Dangers Facing the Church

Speaker Audio Video
Leaving Our First Love Jimmy Bates .
Bible Authority Rusty Stark .
Grace, Law & Works Garland Robinson .
Binding Where God has not Bound Nat Evans .
Instrumental Music Tom House .
Elders Richard Guill .
Faithfulness Michael Jordan
The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit Tom Bright
Special Music Victor Eskew .
Preachers Under Fire Charles Leonard .
Loosing Where God has not Loosed Gilbert Gough .
Changes in Worship Freddie Shows .
What the Holy Spirit does for us Today Tom Bright
The Community Church Gary McDade .
Modern Versions and Tranlsations Chuck Northrop .
 What Biblical Love Is Joel Morrison
Christian Schools: Source of Digression & Apostasy James Boyd .
Pentecostalism, Emotionalism & Pep-rally Religion Burleson .
Fellowship -- Unity in Diversity Alan Adams .
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit Robert Taylor, Jr. .
Materialism Johnny Burkhart .
Young People Gary Williams .
The Work of the Church Roger Campbell .
The Role of Women Virgil Hale .
Benevolent & Missionary Societies Terry Joe Kee .
Corruption of the Plan of Salvation David Paden .
Humanism Dwight Fuqua .
Sin Ed Floyd .
Immorality, Homosexuality Don Tate .
Bible School Literature Mike McDaniel .
Who is on the Lord's Side? Ed Casteel .
Evangelism Charles Blair .

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