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Bible Will I Find:

Gambling Is Wrong In God's Sight? 

By:  Gary Colley
Date:  August 25, 2002
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Two of the sugar-sticks of the world are drinking of alcohol and gambling.  The media is continually pushing these works of the flesh, and that to the detriment of young and old!  The Bible completely furnishes the man of God unto every good work (II Tim.3:16-17).  It is generally accepted in our state and nation that what the Bible says is right, and everything else is wrong.  No doubt all have also heard, “The only thing needed for evil to prevail is for good men to remain silent.”  Another true saying that is needed in our time, “Now is the time for all good men to stand up.”  The whiskey and gambling industries are flourishing in our world, but they are not satisfied until they can bring in every dollar possible, even from the hands of the poor and those devoid of morals.   Anyone with one eye can see that MONEY is the bottom line, not interest in bettering our world.   Notice some facts about the gambling industry.  (1.) It is a proven fact that gambling when legalized, brings in organized crime, prostitution, and an increase in drug use.  Following legalizing gambling in Atlantic City, New Jersey, crime reportedly went up 171%!  (2.) It is immoral.  The act of wagering or risking what is yours in order to get what belongs to another with nothing given in return, is called covetousness in the Bible.  This is condemned in every category of sin.  This wagering is not to be confused with investing, which is approved by our Lord (Matt.25:14-30, especially note :27).  (3.) Once legalized casino gambling becomes law by our constitution being changed, it is here to stay!   Mr. Harry Reid, chairman of the Nevada Gambling Control Commission said, “Any state trying to follow Nevada’s lead will find that social costs far out weigh any economic benefits.”  (4.) Covetousness  (gambling) is condemned in the Bible, and called idolatry  (Col.3:5).  Those who gamble are interested in gain for themselves, without regard for the heartache and cost to others.  (5.)  Many become addicted to this worldly desire.  It is estimated that there are six million compulsive gamblers who “can not quit,” much like the alcoholic or dope addict!   How could any right thinking individual not oppose a practice that will enslave so many otherwise good people in our world??  (6.) Gambling is condemned in the Bible, because it is the practice of the “iron rule” of might makes right, instead of the “golden rule” of doing to others what you would have them do to you (Matt.7:12).  As a thief gambles his freedom to steal the possessions of another for which he has not worked, just so the gambler wagers in order to obtain the possessions of another without regard for his rights or welfare.  Gambling is wrong in God’s sight!
--Gary Colley