Where In The 
Bible Will I Find:

The Marks Of The New Testament Church? 

By:  Gary Colley
Date:  August 11, 2002
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There are identifying marks on the clothing we wear, the house in which we live, and the car we drive.  This is also true of the one to whom we are married, and we know this individual by these identifying facts.  These distinguishing marks keep us from taking the wrong car, going the wrong house, and picking up the wrong shopper at the shopping center!  If we are not careful of our selections in these areas great harm could result.  We might even be put in jail, or even be charged with adultery!  There are likewise identifying marks, fixed by the Lord, in reference to His bride or church.  Misery and pain eternally will come to the person who pays no attention to the identifying marks of the church of Christ (Matt.7:21-22).  How can we tell the difference in churches, when there are so many?  Will the Lord have any trouble knowing His church when he comes again?  Paul  writes, “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his.  And, let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity” (II Tim.2:19).  Hence, though men some time joke about the matter, we know the Lord does not joke nor will He have trouble choosing the right church to take to Heaven.   He will find the one which: 1. Wears His name and no other (Acts 4:12; Rom.16:16).  If our wife wanted to wear another man’s name than ours, we would not identify her as our mate.  2. Is built upon the teaching of Christ (Matt.16:16-18).   All authority belongs to Jesus (Matt.28:18-20).  Any other “authority” or man-made creed will be destroyed (Matt.15:12-14).  3. Has His blood as its purchase price (Acts 20:28).  No institution built by man can claim the blood of Christ as its purchase price (II Jn.9-11).  4.  Gives its allegiance to Jesus in word and deed as the Head in Heaven and on earth (Col.3:16-17).  No man can correctly claim to sit on a throne on earth and speak for the Lord.  No pope, cardinal, or reverend, who claim badges of distinction on earth, have authority in His church (Rev.22:18-19).  5. This church has no earthly headquarters, because its King is in Heaven at the right hand of God  (Eph.1:22-23).  It has no work being done by a board of directors, but rather by elders who are under-shepherds in the church (I Pet.5:1-4; Phil.1:1).  6. This church contains all of the saved (Acts 2:41, 47).  Jesus, not man by vote or otherwise, adds only those who are “born of water and the Spirit,” to His family (Jn.3:3,5).  As Jesus plainly states, “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned” (Mk.16:15-16).  7. These people work and worship in spirit and in Truth (Jn.4:24).  8. This is the body Jesus promises to save (Eph.5:23).  Investigate!
–Gary Colley