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Saved By Faith, Not The Law? Part 1

By:  Gary Colley
Date:  March 17, 2002
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It never ceases to amaze this writer how some attempt to twist the Scriptures to uphold a man-made creed.  Especially is this true of those who want to “prove” that one is saved by “faith only,” and not by obedience to the Gospel of Christ.  Let us always remember that no two references of the Bible contradict one another, and if our theory would cause this blunder we must leave our false doctrine rather than leaving the Truth.  The books of Romans and Galatians have long been favorites of those who want the Scriptures to teach that one is saved by “faith only.”  Of course James writes, “Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and NOT BY FAITH ONLY” (Jas.2:24).  Since the same Holy Spirit guided Paul and James to write, we know we are not saved by “faith only.” He certainly did not cause Paul to contradict the teaching of James by saying we are saved by “faith only.”  Martin Luther wanted the “faith only” teaching to so badly that he “decided” the book of James was not inspired!  What is the answer?  It is simply that when Paul wrote of how men are justified “by faith”, he meant, as he states at the first and last of Romans, it is by the “obedience of the faith” (Rom.1:5; 16:26).  Please note the article “the” in the front of “faith” in these references, which means the Gospel (Jude 3).  Paul stated that the churches in Judea had only heard of him, “That he which persecuted us in times past now preacheth THE FAITH (emphasis mine GC) which once he destroyed” (Gal.1:23).   Notice also that the article “the” is used by Paul in the books of Galatians and Romans before “law,” and each time, he refers to the old Law of Moses.  Therefore it is evident in Galatians 2:16 and 21, Paul states that we are saved by faith (obedience of faith,), but not by THE LAW (of Moses GC), because “by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.” The “grace of God,” or the Gospel given to make one righteous in Christ, would be frustrated “if righteousness came by the law” or works of the Law of Moses (Acts 20:32).  Jesus would have died in vain, if men could have been justified by the Law of Moses!  But they could not be justified or forgiven by the works of the Law of Moses, therefore Jesus came to nail it to the cross (Eph.2:15-16; Col.2:14-17).  Paul speaks in his writings of “works” in reference to the old Law of Moses, while James speaks of “works”  in reference to obeying the Gospel.  There is no contradiction between the two New Testament writers.  When our faith acts in obedience to the Gospel (Gal.5:6), we are not saved by works of the Law of Moses, nor by our own works, but we are saved by the works or conditions taught in the Gospel by God (Eph.2:9-10).
–Gary Colley