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Our Nation Should Pray?

By:  Gary Colley
Date:  October 1, 2001
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For some time now the higher powers of this world, the Devil's servants (Jn.8:44), have discouraged, yea even forbidden the act of prayer in schools, and in other public buildings. All of this has been slyly urged in the name of "separation of church and state." It does not seem in this time of "war," that the voices of these protesters are being heard at all! Objections in the past have been forced by some, to the extent that even the 10 Commandments "must not be seen" in any public schools or government buildings. Now while we are not under the 10 Commandments today as a law (Col.2:14), it is true that there are 9 principles therein contained that continue to be needful to our world. In the New Testament these 9 are quoted by Christ, though each is made stronger, as apart of the blood purchased Law of Christ. The one not included is "Remember the Sabbath Day ." But it seems that the "tide" has turned in our nation since September 11, 2001, objections have not been heard, and everyone seems to be calling on God in prayer! We suppose it is not popular now to oppose prayer to God. Our President has encouraged prayer, has prayed himself in moments of public silence, and even has authorized a day of prayer. Public prayer has been heard and even televised in the House of Representatives as well as in the Senate of our nation. It is refreshing to hear our President speak without shame about prayer and Sunday being "the Lord's Day." It is sad that it
took the great tragedy of September 11, to bring America to its knees! Our God has been in Heaven all along, but, "because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools... Wherefore God also gave them up.." (Rom. 1:21-24). Christians are taught in the Bible to pray to God (Col. 1 :3), in awe and reverence (Heb.12:28), through the name of Jesus (Rom. 1:8; Col.3:16-17), without ceasing (1Thess.5:17), having a mind ready to forgive as we desire to be forgiven (Mk. 11:25-26), believing (Jas.1:6-7), according to His revealed Will (I Jn.5:14-15), and being righteous (1 Pet.3:12). We are not to ask of God anything simply "that ye may consume it upon own lusts" (Jas.4:3). Since sinners prayers are not heard (Jn.9:31), all need to hear the Gospel, believe it with all their heart, repent of sins, confess their faith in Christ, and be baptized in water for the remission of sins, that we may be able to pray (Rom.8:15). We want America to continue to be, as our pledge of allegiance says, "One nation under God," and further our nation needs to turn to the Lord in obedience (Lk.6:46), knowing of a certainty "In God we trust."

--Gary Colley