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Bible Will I Find:

The Responsibility Of The Christian Wife?

By:  Gary Colley
Date:  August 27, 2001
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More attention needs to be given to the home today than any other of our responsibilities. The devil has many workers who seem to work overtime to destroy the family unit.  Divorce continues to bring great sorrow to the hearts of husbands, wives, and children! The bliss and success of every home depends on every person in that home carrying out their part for harmony (Eph.6:1-4).  If anyone of these breaks down in their responsibilities, the home fails. The final act of God's six twenty-four hour days of creation was to prepare a suitable companion and help meet for man (Gen.2:18-25).  The husband (house-band) is to extend the love, provision, and protection for the family. But the role of the wife is of equal importance in weaving into the home tenderness, compassion, devotion, stability chastity, sweetness, loyalty, and Godliness. How sad when these blessings to the family are forgotten or overlooked. "Every wise woman buildeth her house" (Prov.14:1).  What does the Bible teach about the responsibility of the wife?   1. The Christian wife reverences and honors God in her life (Prov.13:13, 30; II Tim.2:15; II Jn.9-11).  2. She must realize that God instituted marriage, and that His regulations for marriage must be obeyed (Gen.2:18-24; Jer.10:23).  3. The Christian wife honors the differences God made in making man and woman male and female (Gen.1:27; 2:24; I Cor.7:2-5).  4. She has indelibly impressed in her very being that marriage is to one man for life (Matt.19:9; I Cor.7:10-11).  5. The Christian wife with love cultivates the romance in her marriage (Tit.2:4).  6. She is keenly aware that true married love cannot be built on selfishness (Solomon 2:16; 7:10).  7. She works diligently to keep the lines of communication open (Prov.14:1).  8. She does not withhold "due benevolence" as a bartering tool (I Cor.7:3-5).   9. A wise wife honors and gives respect to her husband as the head of the family (Gen.3:16; I Cor.7:3; Eph.5:22-31; Col.3:18).  10. The Christian wife will help her husband and her children go to Heaven (Tit.2:5; Prov.31:27-28; I Pet.3:1- 2).  Thus it is very evident, one of the most important ingredients in the successful home is the Godly wife! How long will your home last?

--Gary Colley