Where In The 
Bible Will I Find:

Men Can Do Miracles Today?

By:  Gary Colley
Date:  August 13, 2001
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Though some make wild claims of being able to work miracles today, and even Oprah and a few others "just know" there are miracles today, the Bible does not so teach. Though many are fooled by these claims, the Bible will make us free if we study (Jn.8:32). The Bible proclaims those today who claim to work miracles to be "spirits of devils" (Rev.16:14). It is true that we still have the miracles of Jesus and the
apostles recorded in the Bible, for the purpose of causing men to believe today (Jn.20:30-31), but it is also true that the Bible says these would "cease, " "fail, " and "vanish away" (I Cor.13:8-13). These would pass away when "that which is perfect is come," that is when the fullness of revelation (to which the passage refers) has come. We now have "that which is perfect" in the "perfect law of liberty" , and therefore we have no more need for miracles to confirm our preaching (Mk.16:17-20). We can now call up the chapter and verse for God's teaching (II Tim.3:16-17) The passage in I Corinthians 13, refers to the apostles who were the witnesses (Lk.24:49), and the ambassadors (II Cor.5:20), of Christ. None today can correctly claim to have seen the Lord from the baptism of John to the resurrection of Christ, therefore are not witnesses (Acts 1:22). The fakes who claim to do miracles, pick and choose the folks they claim to work miracles upon! When Jesus healed people, He did not separate the blind from the ones who were limping slightly! His miracles were performed upon people whom the neighbors and friends knew had diseases beyond the healing of human power such as leprosy, total blindness, etc. When Peter and John commanded the man sitting at the Beautiful gate of the temple to "stand up and walk," this man began to leap and to run (Acts 3). The people knew this man was above 40 years old and had been unable to walk from his birth. When Jesus met the funeral procession coming out of the city of Nain, and raised the widow's son who was lying dead in the casket, the people knew the young man had been dead! Such was the case with Lazarus when Jesus called him out of the tomb. The people knew he had been dead 4 days, and that his body was in a state of decay. Why do not the ones who claim today such power, perform some miracle like these?? The answer is obvious. They cannot.
--Gary Colley