Where In The 
Bible Will I Find:

The Word Of God Is All Sufficient For Salvation?

By:  Gary Colley
Date:  March 11 2001
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We appreciate those who are willing to obey the command to search the Scriptures for the answer to eternal religious questions (Jn.5:39-40). Though the Bible says the Scriptures are all sufficient for man's guidance to salvation (II Tim.3:16-17), and that the Gospel is now the powerful means appointed by God for the salvation of all who believe and embrace it (Rom.l:16; Lk.8:11), many ignore and refuse to believe this basic truth. This refusal sends them on "a wild goose chase" with so many religious pitfalls that they are unlikely to ever come to a knowledge of the Truth and be saved (I Tim.2:4). Some depend on feelings, others on their opinion of a matter, and some on experiences. Some affirm that the Holy Spirit works in them and speaks directly to them, and some of these speak of "catching the Spirit" so what need have these of studying the Bible? None of these "walk by faith" as the Bible commands (II Cor.5:7; Rom,10:17). These see no need of preaching the Word (II Tim.4:1-5), since they actually believe they can be saved without studying, hearing, and obeying (I Pet.2:1-2). Some may preach philosophy, or Readers Digest, or Ann Landers, or even Mayberry USA, but not the Word!  The rich man in Luke 16 wanted Abraham to send Lazarus back from the dead to warn his five brothers, lest they should live and die without hearing God's Word as he had done and be lost! Since the Gospel is God's means of conversion (I Pet.1:22-25), begetting (I Cor.4:15), giving life (Jn.6:63), making us "clean from sin and sanctifying us (Acts 2:38; Jn.17:17), giving us spiritual wisdom (II Tim.3:14-15), and fitting us for eternal glory (Acts 20:32), why would anyone think God will save those who ignore His Word? To be sure, God did not make and deliver a plan through inspired men to save folks, and then have to work directly on the same people to save them, before the plan would operate on them! What a shame that the doctrines of Calvinism claim the necessity of a direct operation of the Holy Spirit on the hearts of men before the Gospel will be effective. These doctrines fly in the face of Almighty God, and deny His way and plan of saving the lost! We urge our friends, DO NOT BE FOOLED!
--Gary Colley