Where In The Bible Will I Find:

The Evils Of Alcohol? II

By: Gary Colley
Date: October 29, 2000
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Having given Bible references last week to show the evils of alcohol, we will show this week in addition to the Bible the common sense answer to the great evils of alcohol.  Please think with us.  What is it that kills more each year than the total number that were killed in the Vietnam War?  What is it that causes more homicides, suicides, fatal air crashes, and fatal car wrecks each year than any other cause?  What is it that causes more broken hearts because of broken homes each year than any other cause?  What is it that brings more lost time at work, more abuse of spouses and children, and more damage to the property of others each year than any other cause?  What is it that affects the liver, weakens the muscles and bones, and gives an increased risk of cancer to the stomach, mouth, throat, and pancreas?  What is it that causes heart disease, destroys brain tissue, and causes personality disorders to thousands each year?  What is it that causes 8,000 plus teen deaths per year and another 40,000 to be maimed and disfigured people?  THE ANSWER TO ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS IS ALCOHOL!!  We have given a multiplicity of Scriptures condemning the drinking of intoxicating beverages, but some refuse any and all of these as not applying to themselves.  We have shown the verses that warn and condemn drunkenness, whether by "social drinking" or by fall down, sot drunkenness, but for those who want MONEY, more evidently than they care for the welfare and health of our youth and community, that would make no difference!  Would those who push for the sale and use of alcoholic drinks be willing to sign the following statements?  1.  I do not believe drinking damages my reputation and influence.  2.  I believe I can teach one about Christ and His church with a drink in my hand.  3.  My fervor, interest, and involvement in the spiritual work of the church is as strong or stronger now as it was before I started drinking.  4.  I am now more generous in my giving to the Church and other worthy causes since I began to drink.  5.  I would be perfectly comfortable to meet Jesus, when He comes the second time to judge the world, with a drink in my hand.  6.  Drinking has been good for my marriage; we have a more spiritual relationship now since drinking became a part of our lives.  7.  I believe that my influence on my children is enhanced, and I have no objection to them following my example in this matter.  Drinking will hurt us EXTERNALLY, INTERNALLY, AND ETERNALLY!  "Think on these things (Phillipians 4:8)."