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We Are To Understand The Bible Alike? II

By: Guy N. Woods (deceased)
Date: October 15, 2000
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Often, folks when attempting to justify various conflicting religious views and the existence of the many denominational bodies in the land, will say, "We don't understand the Bible alike."  Such a statement is frequently expressed, to excuse the endless conflicts and contradictions in the religious world of our time, and is false on the face of it.  The simple truth is, there is only one way to UNDERSTAND a thing - the right way.  One may MISunderstand the Bible in a hundred different ways - there is really no end to the perversions and misrepresentations of the scriptures; all who UNDERSTAND the Bible at all, understand it correctly - any other view is a MISunderstanding.  Equally objectionable and false is the oft heard response that "we interpret the Scriptures differently," but this, too, is clearly an absurd statement.  How many ways may a verse be interpreted?  We do not ask, "How many ways may it be MISinterpreted?"!  One may, for varioius reasons, miss the meaning in a thousand different ways.  However, those who INTERPRET the Bible at all, interpret it correctly and all other views and concepts are simply MISinterpretations.  It must be admitted by all thoughtful people that a proposition cannot be both false and true at the same time; truth is harmonious and cannot conflict with itself.  It follows, therefore, that the Bible, being true, only one conclusion may be properly, logically, and correctly drawn from any given passage, and anything contrary thereto is necessarily false, regardless of who holds it or how long it has been held.  One who respects God and His Word will not wish to assign a "meaning" to any portion of the Bible which conflicts with the plain and simple teaching of the Bible elsewhere.  "All scripture is given by inspiration of God...throughly furnhised unto all good works
(II Timothy 3:16-17)."  We can understand it if we study and obey it.